Halfworlds 1x3

Episode 3

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After being attacked at a café, both Sarah and Pinung are still shaken and they find themselves face to face with Detective Gusti once again. Little does Sarah know that he is keeping tabs for Juragan and is keeping him updated on Sarah?s whereabouts. Gusti advices her not to dig any deeper as she might find herself in more trouble than she can handle. Meanwhile, Tony and Ros, a powerful Demit couple visit the Elders and strike a deal with them, leaving with the promise of bringing back Barata?s head, in exchange for receiving the gift. The Demit that saved Sarah and Pinung from the coffee shop reveals himself as Barata when he visits Sarah at her home that night. Before he disappears once again, he warns her to get rid of all the drawings. Sarah starts to realise that perhaps there is a Halfworld that exists hidden in the shadows after all.
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