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Parceiros: Toda Série

After sharing a kiss at the beginning of the summer, Robin and Barney are unsure how to handle their mutual attraction. After some consideration they tell the gang they have decided to remain just friends, but secretly continue seeing each other. They are able to get away with their secret romance for a couple months, but are discovered when Ted, Marshall and Lily walk in on them together. They explain to the gang that they are happy with their casual relationship, and didn’t want to complicate it by defining it. This is unacceptable to Lily, who pressures them to label their situation, and ultimately locks them in Robin’s room to force them to address it. Meanwhile, Ted is anxious about his first days as a professor at Columbia, which is made worse when he shows up at the wrong class and starts his lecture.
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22m 2009 180.055 views

How I Met Your Mother
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  • Luan Tensol - 25 julho, 2019

    Série foda pakas, comecei a assistir forçado mas dos n consegui mais parar…

  • Monique - 12 julho, 2019

    Vcs poderiam colocar com legenda em ingles? Por favor

  • Iorishev - 18 maio, 2019

    eu nao sei oque aconteceu, mas o site ta todo bugado, os videos nao abrem direito,tem player que nao ta dando pra por em full screem, espero que corrijam os erros

  • Jefferson - 30 março, 2019

    Vocês deveriam trocar essa capa. O drama dá história é conhecer a mãe das crianças, e ela já está logo na capa ? Por favor kk